The Spanish conquerors planted the first vines in Chile during the XVI century. Centuries later, Don Pedro Etcheberry, french agronomist, started the family tradition. Following their ancestors, Pedro Felix de Aguirre and Ana Maria Etcheberry founded Bodegas De Aguirre SA, a 100% family company with a strong agricultural tradition and based on pillars such as trust, responsibility, respect for the environment and teamwork.

Today, the seven members of the generation of the De Aguirre Etcheberry family, we focus with passion and dedication to produce wines of high quality at a competitive price to worldwide markets. Our winery is located in Villa Alegre, it has a production capacity of 12 million liters in stainless steel and more than 500 barrels of French and American oak. We have the most modern technology for vinification, stabilization, bottling and labeling of our own wines and a team that adds passion and magic to the development and marketing of more than 18 million bottles in the world.

Bodegas De Aguirre SA, today known as VDA, Aguirre Vineyard, works hard so that in the future the new family generations follow the trail initiated by its founders.

Some milestones:
2000 Our First Vintage
2001 Our First Grape Harvest
2005, we made our first export
2011, the most awarded Chilean winery
2006 to 2014: The Chilean winery the fastest growth in number of cases of 12 bottles sold abroad.
2015: No. 1 in Russia.


Our vineyards are located in the scenic village of Villa Alegre, in the heart of the Maule Valley


The valley

Our vineyards are located in the scenic village of Villa Alegre, in the heart of the Maule Valley, 285 kilometers south of Santiago. We have 520 hectares planted with modern tech drip irrigation system. The Maule Valley is the region with more vineyards in Chile.


The soil

The soils are derived from volcanic ash and are composed of sand and earth sandy loam. The vineyards are flat and receive an excellent exposure to sunlight. Yields are carefully controlled to produce concentrated wines, excellent quality and elegance.


The Weather

The vineyards enjoy a privileged climate. Villa Alegre region has a Mediterranean climate. Winter rains are normal and summers are dry, with marked temperature variations between day and night, allowing the grapes to get ripe tannin development, excellent aromas and optimum concentration of color.